Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh yeah!

"Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way."

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Beautiful sunny day -5°C/23°F and all roads are clear...I just know I am going to LOVE running in the spring. I have mostly run with jackets and winter gear (remember I ran my first 5K in September 2009). Today, I completed a 4K tempo run and it went amazing! Once again, I was too fast for my program, but I think that for a tempo run, that's a non-issue. It took me 27 minutes (that's a little over 2 minutes less than suggested)...Happy dance!

This one's for you Robin :)

I usually go to the gym on Tuesday's for some strength training and abs, but today was a dentist appointment instead. My gums got a good workout though...ugh!
When I get back from work tonight, I was thinking of doing at least a bit of stretching and ab work while watching t.v. From all my blog reading, I've realized that a lot of you train from home...so I'm feeling inspired.
That's it for today.



Giorgio said...

Running makes you feel good. Good luck with your training.


Isn't nice when a good run can make your day? Keep up all the hard work!

Marlene said...

Great job on the tempo run!

I am SO ready for spring. It's so refreshing to start shedding all of these layers.

Jamoosh said...

I have to put on bad TV or else I pay more attention to the TV than my workout!

Julie said...

Hi Anne,
Ha ha, I just read Jamoosh's comment...I agree it is so hard to concentrate on working out if there is something great on TV:)

Great job on your 5k tempo run!! That was a great time and good pace:) I am pretty much ready for the snow to go and spring to make an entrance too!!

Jocelyn said...

thats cold in my book! hahah. Great work on your run!

momof3 said...

Yeah! I ran "fast" today too. And boy, did it feel good!!!

RunKathyRun said...

Enjoy the sunshine and the time spent in the shoes; you will never regret it.

Tara said...

Way to go on your tempo run! It's always nice to go a little bit faster pace and still feel good and strong!

yuck for the dentist, but yea for working out at home! I do the bosu or stability ball for strength training at home.

jenn w/ 2 n's said...

23*?? Wha What?? I'm a wimp. That's way too cold for this Texas girl. It's 34* here today so inside on the treadmill it is. Good job on your run!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

great job on the cold weather running, you're doing great!

TX Runner Mom said...

I love running in the cold, but I think I've had enough of it this year! Brrrr! Keep up the great work!

Beth said...

Hi Anne, thanks for linking to my blog and your always wonderful comments. I'm guessing that blogspot recognizes the name of my blog and so it is linking to my old site. I never used that function, so I don't know very much about it. I don't know if you can link to an actual web page if it isn't a blogspot blog. I'm sorry I'm not very much help! I love your blog and always look forward to reading it. Thanks for keeping up with me!