Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where it's at!

"What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step."

C. S. Lewis 

First, a quick health update. The excessive fatigue is gone...the culprit was not (just) hormones, but Candida! This is a side effect of my inhalers. I have been taking Fluconazole for this and my energy has now returned to my normal. Yay!

Training is going better now that I don't feel so exhausted. The last two long runs included segments at marathon race pace and it went really well. I'm running by myself again as my SSIL has a faster race pace than I do, but so far, we've always ended up meeting at one point during our runs. We hug and wish each other a good run and then off we go our separate ways. It's a nice boost.

One cool thing is that I did the Montreal Marathon 10k with my whole family. It was such a wonderful experience. We plan on doing it again next year and hopefully, the partners will join us too :)
I was still quite tired in this photo, but I felt such joy!
How lucky am I :)

Everybody was really pleased with their race. It was tall son's first race and he nailed it (47m32s)! Myself, I ran it as a training run and stayed relaxed but strong throughout (1h03m). 

The week after was a fund-raising 5k for my god-daughter's school. It was an absolutely beautiful day and most of the race was done on trails. It was the day after my long run, but the fatigue was lifting so I felt good.

Bringing it home in 29m42s

Less than six weeks until Philadelphia marathon weekend! AHHH! :) Now that I feel better, I am slowly getting my confidence back. 

Happy training everyone!