Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is this a taboo topic?

"Things do not change; we change." Henry David Thoreau

I'll get to the taboo topic in a bit, but first let me tell you a little bit about the last few days in this life that is mine. Friday was a day off I went to the gym and did my strength training and abs. I had to miss yoga because I had a doctor's apt. My lungs are doing well these days...I'm pleased with that! This is the longest since I got quite sick that I have been off prednisone for so long :) Yay!
On prednisone
Off prednisone
Friday was my little sister Iz's b-day and her daughter, my god-daughter, Lulu's b-day, was a few weeks ago. So my sisters came over for a celebratory dinner and I made sugar pie...Iz's favorite dessert!
The sisters...
Then Saturday, uber hubby and I ran our 3K steady run and it went superbly. I actually went too fast according to my training schedule...haha! 
Then Saturday evening my dear friend Miglena and her husband came over for dinner and we had a blast!
We took a put-the-timer-on-and-run photo :)
Today, Sunday, uber hubby and I ran 7K and, once again, I went too fast! I was supposed to take a minimum of 56 minutes to run 7K and I took 50:30. I totally realize that these shorter distances are fooling me and that I need to figure out how to keep a steadyish pace for longer distances. Still, I LOVED my run today!

NOW, about this taboo topic I teased you with at the beginning. I have been reading enough blogs to cause indigestion these days and no one, I repeat, NO ONE, talks about walking during their runs.
We have the Galloway method:
Do the first one [marathon] to finish, running/walking at a comfortable training pace. From what I've read, depending on your pace, it can go as low as 2-3 minutes of running for 1 minute of walking.

We have the Running Room Stanton method:
Walking breaks work! Try them and you will become a 10 and 1 believer!

France has the Cyrano method:
The running can be longer (up to 24 minutes) with a 45 second to 1 minute walk break.

We have Hal Higdon's method:
If even running 3 miles seems a strain for you, don't hesitate to mix in a walking break.
Although his method seems less specific about walk breaks.

Okay! So, here's what I'm wondering...I am doing the Running Room "run 10 minutes/ walk 1 minute" method for all long runs, which leads me to assume that my race day long run is expected to be completed using the same ratio. 
Am I the only one who plans on completing my race this way? The 10:1 method seems so sensible to me. So, all you "older" and "younger" runners out there, do some of you run/walk on your long runs?
Also, what do you think of people who actually plan to walk for one minute, starting only 10 minutes into the race? PLEASE, do not be afraid to offend me...I am old enough to not change my mind even if every single one of you tells me that you've never used one of these wimpy methods and that you think that actually planning to walk during a run means that "someone didn't really run a half-marathon or a marathon" :)
So please, seriously...I just want the truth about what people think!
Hope you're enjoying the super bowl!


ajh said...

I believe Galloway tells you to take your walk breaks right from the beginning. You don't wait until you need them. I did my first marathon 10/1 and my training on the treadmill for it was usually 4/1 or 5/1. I still take walk breaks on the treadmill if I feel I need to because I hate it so much. My goal on the 2nd marathon was to do it without walking but I wasn't ready for that my first time.

Julie said...

Hi Anne,
Wow, you look awesome! You look so tiny and those pictures really show us how thin and trim you really are:) I love the pictures...looks like you had an awesome weekend filled with fun and friends! Good for you:) I am going to have to read up on some of those running methods. Cheers!!

Alicia said...

I wouldn't say it's taboo. I have seen many, MANY conversations about this very topic on the forums at Runner's (Those convos can get really ugly, by the way. I don't even go to those forums anymore because of how rude people can be.) Bloggers are SO much nicer. :)

Anyway, lots of people use the run/walk method and swear by it. I, personally, feel I must run the entire distance in order to say I "ran" it. Plus, I feel like I would drive myself crazy by looking at my watch that often. "5 minutes to walk, 3 minutes, 1 minute..." -would probably make me go batty. But that's just me.

I believe strongly that everyone should do what they feel comfortable with. It's all about what training you feel will benefit you most.

Casey said...

I definitely believe in walking during longer distances. I just listen to my body and walk when I need to. I'm not stubborn enough to make myself run when I could use a break. Besides, pushing it makes me nervous because that's when I'll end up injured. So, my half I did in '08, I walked a bit. It wasn't measured out or anything. I just threw it in whenever I felt like it, just like my long runs. These days, I try to make myself walk every mile or so when I am on my own. Usually I walk for .25 miles and run .75. That is how I plan on doing my race. That being said, if someone can do 10:1 on race day, I give major props because I get sucked into the excitement and forget my plan until mile 3 or 4. :)

MCM Mama said...

I don't use that method, but I do walk through water stops. Many people swear by the Galloway method, so if that's what works for you, then do it. My only issue with the run/walk method is when people who are walking very early on do it in the middle of the road/path. So, do it if that's what will work for you, but be mindful of the people around you.

Good luck!

Tricia said...

I've heard great things about the Galloway method. When I first started running I used run/walking to get myself "runnnig". I havent used it since.

That being said, after this injury I may ease myself back into distance running by using that method. Not sure. But for me, my goal has always been to run the entire thing (minus the needed potty break on long runs).

Do what works for you. :)

Beth said...

In a race, my only issue is when someone stops running without warning and then the people behind them almost run them over. Anytime you are changing your line or speed, you should look behind you and indicate what you are going to do. Early in the race, stay to the side so that everyone doesn't have to work to get around you. Walk if it works for you! Trust me, everyone is so worried about themselves that no one cares how you get to the finish line as long as you don't get in their way.

Meg said...

Have you read Marathonman's blog? I think he's used this running method several times.
I love your pictures, your long blond hair is gorgeous!!

momof3 said...

First off - You look AMAZING! YAY YOU! Now - onto TABOO topics. You know what I'm going to say about walking... "You do what feels right to you." When I first started running, I didn't ever run without walking. My first Half Marathon I ran/walked for the first 10 miles, and then I walked/ran for the last 3! I agree with Beth, if you're going to walk in a race, pull over first and then walk where you'll be out of the way. Once you get to the long races you'll see lots of walk/run. If you decide to use a walk run strategy for race day, you'll definitely want to train that way. After my 2nd Half I didn't feel the need to walk during my runs any more.
I'm so pleased that you've relaxed about your race time, and look what happened - you relaxed and then you sped up! Don't "reprimand" yourself for slightly out running your training runs once in a while. Training runs are where you practice new things. So, if running fast on some training runs makes you feel good, then enjoy that good feeling! I can't wait until you have a group run. You will LOVE it. There is something powerful about running in a pack... a "posse".

Jill said...

Great topic and I wonder what others do as well. I have heard of the run/walk stradgy before and have even done it especially when I got into longer runs. I don't do it anymore but I believe that whatever you do to finish is great as long as you feel good about it. My mom had done it too but ran the first 3 miles and then started 10:1 method. Its such a great way to stay in the game. I think its a great way to do it. I wouldn't mind doing it but like someone else said...I feel like I need to run the entire thing to say "I ran it" but that is just me and I have a mental thing for MYSELF about walking. Great topic and I liked reading what others had to say.

Amy said...

Hi Anne - great pictures - everyone looks so happy! About the walking, I think everyone should do what feels right to them! We are all different with different bodies and different levels of fitness, and I say do what works for you. I used to run my long runs around a lake that was 1.4 km and I always took a walk break at the top of every loop - it became a habit. I haven't been out there for a long time but now when doing long runs I kind of set myself a goal based on how I feel on the day (like yesterday I walked for a couple minutes at my turn around point). At races I try to limit my walk breaks to the water stations, but it really just depends on how I feel on the day.

Teamarcia said...

You look great! So glad running with your hubs is working out too! : )
As far as walking breaks go, I think they're great and I've seen plenty of people doing just that in races. That said, I've never tried it because for me I feel like I'd have a hard time running again. But that's just me. said...

I really like your blog. I find it amazing that you suffer with a breathing related challenge and are finding joy in something that requires it in a focused way. My dear mother suffered with breathing issues and my niece has asthma. My sister used to be 'afraid' to run because she never wanted to lose her breath (like my Mom did often) I was inspired to begin running after she ran a half marathon 2 and half years ago. I am almost 42 and 2 full marathons and 4 halfs later - I hope to keep plugging along for a long , long time. Thanks for commenting over at ownyourbackbone. I loved the Bikram Yogan and wonder about its impact on folks with asthma. Thanks for commenting over yonder and I'll be back.

Marlene said...

Great photos!

I have tried everything from 4:1, 10:1, 15:1 and continuous running. I train with a RR group and we run continuous during the week but 15:1 for long runs. During a marathon, I run continuously but walk through every 1-2 water stops depending on how much I need to drink. Half marathon or shorter and I run straight through.

The way I see it, these things work differently for everyone. You have to do what works for you.

As a side note, I have noticed that my average pace doesn't change much whether I am run/walking or just running.

Psyche said...

I ran my first marathon using the Galloway method. As I was able to train harder, and had a few more marathons under my belt, I found the walk/run method fell away on its own. That's just my experience.

Personally, I think whatever way you choose to cover the distance of 26.2 is acceptable.

Jennifer said...

I think walking is super fine! I just completed my last 22 miler for marathon training and believe that the walk breaks I have taken are key to me finishing. Like some others have said I don't have a specific plan, once I pass 13 miles I usually walk about 30 seconds every 3 miles, just like walking through aid stations in a true race.

Heather said...

During training for my first marathon, I took walk breaks whenever I felt like I needed them and for as long as I wanted. During the marathon, I ran through mile 16 and then started talking walk breaks. Now on my long runs, I do little walk breaks (less than .10 of a mile) after the first 6 miles and then every three miles - helps me make sure I get my nutrition in. I did this during training for my last marathon and felt really strong running the marathon.

Jamoosh said...

It really comes down to what works best for you. My wife has done marathons using a 5:1 method. A friend of mine who has run bunches of marathons, but is getting older has begun using a 10:1 method. There is a coach with Houston Fit who consistently runs 3:30 marathons using the 5:1 method.

I'd say experiment a little and see how you feel afterward.

Sarah said...

Thanks for visit my blog! Lots of people take walk breaks and use this as a very successful racing strategy. I honestly don't think any different of that person than someone who runs the whole race. In fact, I have seen people who take walk breaks finish ahead of people who don't. I say, do whatever works best for you!

RockStarTri said...

I've used a run/walk method successfully. Typically I use it on runs longer than 10k. One of the keys to success is that you need to start the run/walk from the beginning and I've found that walk 1 minute of every 10 works best for me.

Rock on!

Morgan said...

Do what works for you! That is the important thing! During my Chicago training program I didn't use a set run/walk regime but I did in fact take many a walk breaks because I had too. This training cycle I am stronger and fitter and haven't needed them but every now and then I will struggle on a run, especially a pace or hill workout and need a bit of recovery time among the running. It's not taboo and do not be ashamed, these methods are tried and true and WORK! Run, walk, crawl, just get to the finish line! :)

I Wonder Wye said...

thanks for visiting my blog. Congrats on your running and getting well! i was never a runner, though I loved race-walking, had a coach, and walked a 10-minute mile and entered 5 and 10Ks. Loved it. Can't physically do it anymore -- disabled through all the surgeries - but I do miss it. I will be back....

Christina said...

Great pictures. You have a beautiful smile.

My friend Ashland Dave has a podcast, Running in the Center of the Universe, and he does all his long runs with a run/walk routine. I know he plays around with the ratio but he did a 25 run/5 min walk and got a PR in a marathon. He also does this technique in his ultra's.

I have another friend Lesley and she does the Galloway method and its like 1 min on/1min walk.

In my opinion you do what works for you and the ratio that works for you. You are a runner and getting out there doing it!

mommaof3ontherun said...

I believe you do what works for you. I have tried to do some walk/run structure, but my long runs aren't that long yet.

Running is now an every man's sport....the walk/run method is a healthy way for the everyday person to train.

I also think it comes down to what your purpose is.....personally I feel that if I feel good and I finish my goal then I win whether I built in walk breaks or not!

jenn w/ 2 n's said...

Thanks for stopping by my digs!! I definitely use the run/walk method. I don't care if I have to crawl across that finish line I'm going to do it! Good Luck!

Jon Gilchrist said...

for half marathons, I walk at the water stops...but it's less than 30 seconds.