Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh yeah!

"Sometimes you do what you HAVE to do, to do what you WANT to do" (not sure who said this).

Holy can not moving be so painful! I took my first Energy Yoga class this morning and we did most positions in static...that was tough! Again I have a feeling I ended up stretching brand new muscles...very humbling experience. The things I am willing to put myself through in order to be able to run pain-free :)

So, we did it! Ju and I ran 13K today...the sun was out when we started and it was dark when we finished...1h45m...I'm totally pleased!
There was uber hubby (not in the picture as he had gone ahead), my super sister-in-law and partner in crime, as well as my handsome son...I love having my crew with me!
Celebrating our 13K...yay us!

So here's what I learned lungs are still not great...actually, my doctor has decided to put me back on the stronger inhaler :( ...and I was a bit sore from the yoga and I felt tired. Three good reasons to reschedule our 13K. Now, if all I got from blogging was enhanced motivation, it would already be worth it...because knowing that I would be able to write about it...and that my ticker lady would take a nice little jump forward...and that my dailymile counter would show a nice increase...well, it certainly weighed in my decision to go ahead. Also, I've read about some of the things many of you have had to overcome in order to get your runs in and that kicked my butt a little too. The only thing was the lungs...would it be okay to do this. Well, I figured I could always walk if I started coughing uncontrollably. Finally, having made plans with my super sis-in-law, well I figured I should at least give it a try...such a great idea to make plans to run with someone. Deep down I was feeling confident and I knew that I was going to learn more about my true limits by going ahead.
I haven't reached them yet! :)

Have a great weekend everyone.


Miglena said...

wohoo! you did it! Way to go, Anne! Way to go!

Amy said...

It's hard to go out and do something when you think there's a chance that you might not be able to do it. So much safer just to wait until we are SURE...problem is, when are we ever sure of anything? You are a great example of "just do it and see what happens"!!!


Yay for 13K! Awesome job! Have a good weekend!

Anne said...

I just came from a similar yoga class and can tell my body's going to be angry with me until Monday. Sigh.

kristen said...

Thanks for you kind comments on my blog!

Good for you girl. My neice has asthma. It was pretty bad when she was younger (she's only 12 now) where she had to use the 'breathing machine' as we called it. She doesn't do that now, but it's still a hinderance for her. I admire your strength in overcoming this!

(p.s. a wine celebration....your a woman after my heart:)

kristen said...

p.s I edited after you read my last post....I tagged you.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Sounds like you had a great run. Way to go!!! It is so wonderful that you have someone to run with . . . . and more importantly . . . someone to celebrate the run with.

Regarding being sore - I have been sooo sore the last couple of days. Gluts and upper thighs have been really screaming at me. I did a ton of lunges Wed. morning in the middle of my run with my dog. As of today - Saturday - I am still feeling it.

Once I get moving I am OK - but if I am just doing "normal" stuff - I can really feel it.

Tomorrow after church at 8:00 - I am going to run to my office and do a some work. 5 miles or 8 K. I am hoping that it won't be raining.

Peace and enjoy the day

Melissa said...

I want to try yoga, but I'm scared I would be WAY too inflexible for it.

kilax said...

Oh man! Sorry you are having long difficulty! You are being pretty kicka$$ with your workouts though!

I love that kitty hat! Do you know where it is from?