Monday, January 4, 2010

Last minute rush before going back to work tomorrow!!

Thought for the day:
"If you want to do it; Fear is never a good enough reason not to!"  Anne

Yikes! Four reports to write and I had two full weeks to write them, but I'm doing it all in the last two days. I finished two yesterday and have just finished a third. One more and I'll be done. But first, I'm gonna go for a run.

Currently -7° celcius (around 19° Farenheit) and cloudy. There was a snow storm yesterday, but the roads have been cleared (so I thought), so I'm aiming for an outdoor run (4K/2.5 miles). Being canadian, you'll notice that I run in kilometers, not miles...but I'll include both. Okay, time to get going...

As you can see, the roads were pretty crappy...I felt like I was running in thick wet sand.

And it was windy, so, colder than I expected...yes, those are my eyes.

My thoughts as I was running today went something like this:

This is a lot harder than I expected and it's colder than I thought too. As usual, the first km is the toughest, I know that. My legs feel heavy, my fingertips are cold, and it's hard to breath smoothly. My legs seem to be getting pretty cold, I may not be dressed warmly enough. I'm feeling weighed down and heavy, beginning to wonder if I'll get to that point of feeling great that I'm addicted to. Then it starts to happen, as I'm nearing the end of my run, things start to get easier, despite the crappy roads, and I've warmed up. But, the best feeling is when it's all over and I did it once again! The endorphins kick in and I just love how I feel. I'm ready to take on that last report...after writing today's post that is :)

Two things I learned today:
1) I need long johns!
2) When the water in your water bottle freezes the opening, you need to place your mouth over the opening to heat it up so that you can pull it open and drink.

There's definitely a good thing about today's run:

Having trained in these conditions...Imagine how great it'll feel and how much easier it'll be to get out there and run this spring, no winter gear and clear roads!!

Okay! Back to that last report!

Daily Training Log

4 km (2.5 miles) run outside
5 minutes of stretching before and after


Lily on the Road said...

Yes, in our cold temperatures you do need long johns, Helly Hanson is a good brand to wear and layer, layer, layer. Wicking material helps, because even though you don't feel it, you are perspiring and losing hydration.

there are themal bottles or you can wear your bottle under your coat (just harder to get at).

With winter running, slow down your pace! The trick is to get the distance in not work on speed work, that can wait until the springtime.

Congrat's on your blog and thanks for reminding me that everyone starts with that first step....

Anne said...

Thanks so much, I need all the advice I can get. It's nice of you to take the time to write. Yeah, long johns will be part of my gear starting tomorrow, and I'll definitely look for Helly Hanson (hopefully, I can find those at my nearest Running Room. As for pace, well, the focus for now, is to just get comfortable with the distance. Thanks again!

Mijo said...

Depuis mon coin de pays où la neige ne tombe pratiquement jamais, ces images de course à pied m'apparaissent totalement surréalistes et impressionnantes.