Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now I see what they mean!

Quotation for the day: "We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction." Malcolm Gladwell

Even if those verbal instructions come from your best friend ;)

No running again today and no yoga and no bike and well, maybe just a little stretching. Actually, my thigh is feeling better today and I am SO tempted to get out there and run just a little bit or at least do some cross-training on the stationary bike. But, I know that it would be much better to just give myself the extra day so that I am less likely to really injure myself. See, I know this, and I very confidently told anybody who warned me to "be careful not to hurt yourself", that I would know better than to run if I was hurt...only to be told "I know you, once you start something, you can be very hard headed" (who me?!). Well, here's the truth, my thigh's been sore for quite a while least a couple of weeks...sigh. I don't think I have ever gone two days in a row without doing any cardio since some time in early September and making the decision to not run today was actually tough. I was sure that I would just listen to my body and that would be it, but I can see now how tempting it is to just push things a little more. Plus, it's kind of frustrating that my little ticker lady hasn't moved an inch for two days. I'm guessing this is a normal learning process for all new runners...right?

The plan is to run 8K tomorrow, which is my consolation for not running that ticker lady go!

I promise not to overdo it if I feel pain, but it's a strength training injury, not a running injury, so I'm good right?...right?!



Be careful!! A little injury now can become a big injury later if you push it ... but if it were me, I would probably still run ... just slowly!

Ruthie said...

Hey Anne!
I must admit you are the one who turned me on to George! Your quote from her on your blog sent me on a search for more! ... hope you don't mind me "stealing" your quote..

Love your blog tooo! what an inspiration you are! I help with a local kids track and field and we have a couple of kids who havae asthma and run on our team... .. thanks for your inspiring blog!

sorry to hear about your injury.... oh the ups and downs of running... rest up and take it easy so you can heal and get back at it sooner :) (i was out of running for 3 months cause of a back injury.. i HATED it!)... running becomes such a release.. a time of reflection and relaxation for me that if i dont go for a while I turn into a grouch! :)

hang in there! will pray for you to heal quickly :)


MomRunningFromCancer said...

Anne - Thanks for stopping by my blog. Like you, I am a new blogger. It is one of my new year resolutions, even though I started it in November. ;-)
Regarding you thigh - make sure you take care of yourself. Snow and slippery streets could cause a worse injury. I was suffering from Plantar fasciitis for a number of months. It is really hard to cut down your miles - but that is really what needs to be done.
Listen to your body . . .

Casey said...

Good luck with your 8k! Listen to your body and you'll do great! :D

RunKathyRun said...

Anne, Thanks for finding me! I can't wait to go through your blog and read your posts & learn more about you.

Take care of yourself and let your body heal; trust me, I know it is hard.

Have a great day and have fun.....