Friday, April 12, 2013

Yes! Let me catch you up!

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." Friedrich Nietzsche

Here I am only two weeks away from my goal's hard to believe that over the last 21 weeks I have missed only two long runs (which were replaced by shorter runs but not missed completely). I've attended yoga usually once a week and as soon as I joined the gym at the end of December I added a weekly spin class and a strength workout (again I was lucky enough to miss only a handful of these sessions). You have no idea how amazed I am! Only a year ago, I was afraid that this intensive program would be too much for me. But, at this point, I can say that I did it! The last two long runs included 8K and 10K at race pace...and I nailed them! 

I don't know what will happen on race day...I mean it's snowing like crazy outside again today and more is expected tomorrow! Spring! What's that?! So, who knows what the weather will be like and how I'll feel on race day. But, a little bloom of confidence has been growing within me over the last two weeks and it's made me realize that until very recently I didn't really believe I could reach my goal of running a sub-2:15 half. Somehow, that little bloom is changing my perceptions and I have started to believe that I can do this! OMG it terrifies me to say that...but if I'm being honest, well the truth is, I feel strong, I feel ready and I know I can do this. I have to not be afraid to hurt a little...I have to trust my training and my body! 

This Sunday is my last real long run - 24km (15 miles)...rain, snow or shine, I'll get it done and then it's full on taper time! Of course, I hope that all goes well over the next two weeks and that I feel great on race day...but we all know that we never know. No matter what, I am excited about starting marathon training in July and seeing where it all takes me in Philadelphia!

An exciting thing that occurred last week is that I received my copies of this book in the mail :)
I am so proud to be part of this great book for first time marathoners!
Written by: Melinda Hinson Neely and available on and Barnes and Noble.

I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to encourage others struggling with asthma.

I hope we all have good long runs this weekend!
Cheers everyone! 


Kate Geisen said...

Very cool! Your training has definitely gone well. I love that you're feeling so positive about your chances of hitting your goal. I believe in you!! Wish I felt so confident about my chances of hitting my goal tomorrow, but we'll see. You've definitely earned yours!

ajh said...

How wonderful how confident you sound! Plus what fun and what an honor to be in that book! Good for you. Don't you wish spring would just arrive?

Black Knight said...

Glad that you are part of such important book: congrats.
You are in the right spirit to run a great race.
I have never seen a landscape like your header one: beautiful!

Darlene said...

I am anxious for spring too. Good luck in your race. Congrats on being in the book.

Paul said...

OMG I'm so glad for the weather I have and admiring of the people that have to train in the snow and ice! Difficult!

Congrats on signing up for the Philly Marathon!! Gotta harvest all your new training.

Yes, it's really true you forget the pain of the last 6 miles and then when your in that next race at that point you'll be like "What was I thinking?!?". Ha ha..just kidding (mostly ;)

You should be confident of yourself at this point..I think your subconscious is trying to let you know you are stronger and faster.

You have a very very good shot at 2:15 (no race is 100% sure since a lot can happen).

Cool that you were in a book! Of course for you it should say

Heart and Sole


Char said...

A very wise runner told me (before I ran my fastest half) not to focus on the outcome but to concentrate on the process. Stay relaxed and just go with the flow.

Good luck with your half. I hope you stay relaxed and go with the flow and let your body do what you've trained so well for.

Teamarcia said...

I'm thrilled you are feeling a bloom of confidence. You've worked hard and it will pay off! COngrats on the book--excellent!

Miles of the Journey said...

God bless you in your effort. I know how good this must all feel. I have done 32 marathons and I would guess that the first 15-20 were done carrying an inhaler for my asthma. Being an asthma makes me try harder; appreciate more, so in a way it worked out for the best. And I would bet you find your best and then better still.

Robin said...

That's great about the book...awesome!

Glad your training is going so well, can't wait to hear all about the big event.

Caroline said...

You are in a book!!!! That is so cool!!!
Tu as l'air tellement prete pour cette course! Un 15 miles dans le plan... Je pense que dans le futur quand je serai 100% je vais faire ca augmenter la distance avant un Demi.....

Unknown said...

You're a huge inspiration indeed! I love hearing that you are doing great with what you chose to do to fight your asthma. Not only that; you have also been building your immune system to notch up your personal goals as a runner. That gives you the confidence that your body can perform well and to not worry about your next attack. Stay healthy! Leora Yang