Sunday, April 21, 2013

Full on taper!

"Ability is what you are capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it."
Lou Holtz

Interestingly, my taper started last Sunday with a 24K long run...?! It was at an easy running pace, but still, it didn't seem like much of a taper. I did it and I was fine! It helped that Uber H joined me for the first 5K and then at the 10K mark, my brother P and my niece joined me for 10K. It was nice to have company as I've done most of my long runs alone.

The rest of the week was a little smoother, although Wednesday included some intervals. Today was a 12K long run with 10 minutes at race pace. Again I had company, as Uber H joined me and it went well. 

The rest of the week is relatively relaxed, although Wednesday includes five minutes at 5K pace and Thursday, which is only 20 minutes, includes 6 - 8 x 100 meter strides. Friday rest, Saturday 20 - 30 minute "jog" to loosen up and Sunday is the big day!

I've got the ability to run a half-marathon. My training program included nine long runs of 20K to 28K and I've officially run at least six. So I know I can do it.

I've definitely got the motivation and I've been lucky enough to remain quite motivated throughout my 23-week training program. Before I started this program, I was a bit worried that it would be too much, but I also felt that it was time to believe in my strength. Well, I did it, I completed this whole training cycle injury-free (so far) and I learned to trust my body. So I want to do well. 

All that's left is to make sure I have the right Attitude on race day. I want to push harder than I've ever pushed before in a race...I will run for all the Boston runners who were unable to finish their race, for the families who lost loved ones and for the injured. I tend to give in to my fears near the 18k mark, but this time, I want to find my inner STRONG and push it to the finish! I can do this!

On a totally different topic...I finally figured out how to get rid of calluses on my feet! I was worried that if I removed the calluses, I would then get blisters again. However, the calluses had gotten so thick that I was feeling pain on the outsides of my big toes. I figured it was best to try and do something about it. I found a tool that is like a wooden spatula with sand-paper on both sides (rough and smooth-ish). I soak my feet for about 10 minutes, then I rub the rough side on my callus, followed by the smoother side, and then I put foot cream on the callus followed by socks for the night to let my skin absorb the cream. It works really well and although I still have calluses (considering how thick they were) they are smaller. So, I am not worried about getting blisters, but I have no more pain on long runs. I know many of you probably already knew this, but I never read about it anywhere and I was really wondering if it was a good idea to do was :)

Time for bed! It's harder to get to bed at a reasonable time as I'm less tired...taper madness has set in somewhat. I keep worrying that maybe my lungs are not doing so well and should I or shouldn't I take prednisone...and maybe it's a mild cold...or maybe it's my candida that's back in my throat...and I'm eating too much for the amount of exercise I'm doing...and am I resting enough...etc. It's not too bad though...I know these issues are mostly in my head! 



Johann said...

You've done so well with this training! You are going to have a super race. Enjoy the taper and rest well.

Robin said...

Great week of training, and a fantastic training session overall. I think your attitude is perfect and you are going to have a great race! Enjoy the up, you've earned it.

bobbi said...

I'm so excited for you!! You have a GREAT attitude, and I am sure that will help you so much on race day :)

Char said...

You've done all the hard work. All you have to do now is toe the line on Sunday and see what happens. Good luck.

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on an awesome training cycle! You've so got this race--excited for you! I do a similar thing with calluses. Lotion and a wet pumice stone ease them off.

ajh said...

Yeah your mind can play games with you that last week before a big race. But you will be great! And then you get a nice vacation after! Run fast my friend.

Marv said...

Tapers are really tough for me. That change in mindset is a hard corner to make. It is a testament to solidity of my marriage that it has survived so many tapers over the years.

Paul Rodman said...

Enjoy the taper. One always feels like your getting all out of shape. but no.

23 weeks is a long cycle of training! It's not going away quickly!

Black Knight said...

That is a perfect plan to run a very good half. I ran my best 21.1 km when I put in my training program some 25 km.
Enjoy the tapering time and good luck on the race.

Caroline said...

You are more than ready!
Bonne chance chere Anne!!!!