Saturday, October 1, 2011

Post-Marathon Thoughts

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
Paulo Coelho 

It's been almost a week and I am just as excited about my marathon and find it hard to believe that I finally DID IT. However, I am definitely still recuperating. Here are my post-marathon thoughts in point form...because that's how my brain is working today.

My very cool medal!
  • When I first started running, completing a marathon was the ultimate goal. The goal that seemed impossible. A little over 2 years ago, I was 50 years old, severely asthmatic and I had never run before (actually, I didn't like running). Yet, somewhere deep inside, I believed that if I put my mind to something I could do it. As impossible as it seemed, I still wanted to try. Crossing the finish line last Sunday, was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was also very liberating...I did it and so now the pressure is off. I can enjoy running for the sake of running for a while...I love running! 
  • I was exhausted on Monday and Tuesday...and quite tired the rest of the week. Even today, I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon. 
  • I tried to go for a short easy run with my little sister this week, but I stopped after about 2.5K because of foot pain. Strangely, the pain on top of my right foot was worse after this short run, than after my marathon. The left knee is getting better though. Still, I'm taking the hint and will give my body a break.
  • My marathon photos have arrived and I can't believe they didn't take any as I was crossing the finish line. That's the one I was most looking forward to. I was disappointed, although there are some very good ones.  
  • The cool thing is that in all the photos, you can see that I was landing mid-foot...there were no heel landing photos. I am really proud of that. Here is one you've already seen and you can see my foot landing. That's at 38K.
  • Will I set new goals? Of course. But, interestingly, my goals are not time goals. I do not have the urge to run faster. I didn't know I'd feel this way and perhaps it's partly because of my age, but I just can't imagine focusing on speed (at least for now). I don't feel the need to run a faster marathon...but, if I run the Marathon de Paris in 2013, I would like to run it without pain, which is likely to be faster, if only because I won't be hurting. 
  • I would like to try trail running and Uber H has gotten me excited about the Québec winter pentathlon for 2012 (that's biking, running, cross-country skiing, skating and snow-shoeing). We would do it as a mixed couple and I would do the skating and running :) 
  • Finally, on a non-running note, any day now my grand-daughter will be born. *Edit: She was born this morning at 6:36am...How cool that I became both a marathoner and a grandmother during the same week!! I am super excited about becoming a grandmother and I can't wait to hold her tonight :) Pics to come of course!
A great big thank you to each and every one of you for your kind words. I thought of you all as I crossed the finish line and I couldn't wait to tell you that I was finally a marathoner! THANKS!



Kate said...

Oh, congratulations! A granddaughter! :) And what an amazing, strong role model she'll have in her grandma. :)

I'm not that big these days on time goals, either. More just seeking out new challenges. And I LOVE trail running! :)

ajh said...

Ohhh. Will we see baby pictures?

I remember having the post marathon high for quite awhile. I couldn't wait to do another one. If you ever get the urge VCM is a great one although it is also a good half. Maybe you and your husband???

I can't seem to borrow the photos from my most recent race although I saw that D had them on her website. I wish I was more tech savvy.

Keep enjoying that feeling. One of "our" goals for 2012 should be to do a race together.

Caroline said...

une petite fille!!! felicitation!!! Anne la jeune grand-maman MARATHONIENNE!
pas pire comme titre ca!!!

Claire said...

Oh mais je suis toute excitée pour toi!!!! Marathonienne et grand-mère dans la même semaine!!!! À toi aussi le bonheur doit te sortir par les oreilles!!!!! Les nouveaux projets auxquels tu es en train de penser semblent très stimulants!!! Moi aussi, comme toi, je n'aspire pas à la vitesse, juste courir, en l'appréciant le plus possible!!! Prends bien soin de ton pied!!!

Jill said...

Ooooo, happy Grandma day!! How cool for sure! I cannot wait to see a picture of her, congrats to you and your family! :)

That's awesome that you are not heel striking! I know how good it feels. I actually TRIED to heel strike today on my long run and couldn't....I feel so good that it has taken a long time but I finally got it :).

You are awesome!!! Congrats again on such an amazing feat, so proud of you!

Char said...

Be really conservative with your recovery. I did a lot of reading after mine and found that there are still signs on muscle damage up to 28 days after the marathon. You just have to run short and easy until you get your legs back.

Char said...

And congrats on becoming a Grandma. That's awesome.

Robin said...

First off congrats on the grand baby...that's awesome. Take it easy after your marathon and allow your body time to recover. I could barely walk for a week after my first one so you sound like you are doing great. Your goals sound awesome and I'm sure achievable. Can't wait to follow your journey. Congrats again!

Marlene said...

It is truly remarkable how far you have come!!

Congrats on your grand-daughter and all the best to the whole family. Wonderful news. :)

Teamarcia said...

What a momentous week for you Anne! A marathon AND a granddaughter! So so special!
Personally, although the muscular aches and pains subside quickly, I notice a general fatigue for about a month apres marathon. My body seems a tad more fragile.
Again, congrats!

Molly said...

congratulations Anne!!! I am truly so happy for you!!

Johann said...

Everything so great Anne, well done! Congratulations for becoming a grandmother! That is super awesome! You can send the flag to anyone you want. I know Raina (Small Town Runner @ was interested as well as Andrew the running man wannabe. Our Italian friends was also keen as well as Ewa.

Giorgio said...

At first congrats on becoming a Grandmother, Anne!

Last Sunday you crossed
the finish line of the Montréal's marathon and you did a great challenge! It's important to complete the marathon, as you say. If I ran a marathon I wouldn't mind the time taken.
I really enjoy reading your post-marathon thoughts because I've have never run a marathon (next Sunday I'll do the first step :) I'm running a 30 km race).

Have nice runs! Congrats again!

Dawn said...

I want to help you borrow your photos because they're important to have in my opinion, especially for your 1st marathon :).okay so this is what you do (if you are using Windows 7?): 1st go to the website where your photos are. Try to open up or view the biggest size they have available.Once you have the one you want up, down in the left hand corner of your screen is your start bubble. Click it and a menu will pop up. Then click on "all programs" and then scroll through until you find "accessories". Once you have this up, you should have something called a "snipping tool". Once you locate your snipping tool, go to your photos from the marathon website and a little "+" will appear. You will then be able to drag that "+" over the picture and then you'll be able to see what you just selected and then you save it as a pdf on your computer somewhere and there you have a stolen er, borrowed picture :) If you're not using windows 7 I know how to do it that way too, feel free to email me if you need help: If you're using a MAC sorry, I can't help :(