Thursday, October 20, 2011

The End of this story.

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
Winston Churchill 

I started blogging for a few reasons. A friend encouraged me to, saying that with my asthma perhaps I could help others who wanted to improve their health. Also, I thought a blog would be a great way to track my journey from running a few kilometers to a full marathon. It also ended up being extremely motivating and inspiring. The plan was to continue blogging at least until I'd reached my goal of running a marathon and I had no idea how long that could take. 

In case you're wondering. I started blogging on January 3, 2010 (I was 50 years old) having just completed my first ever 10K training run. 21 months later I completed my marathon (I am 52 years old). I had been running a grand total of 2 years and 3 months. 
Training run - January 2010

First Half-Marathon - Ottawa May 2010

Niagara Falls Marathon 2010 039
Third Half-Marathon - Niagara Falls October 2010

Marathon - Montréal September 2011
Over the course of this blogging experience :
  • I completed one 5K; two 10Ks; four half-marathons; and one marathon.
  • I infected many people with the racing virus. Some directly and some through others. It is now a family affair when we go to races! :)
  • The longest I went without prednisone is 143 days. Which is excellent, but I want to go longer and longer.
  • After switching my blog address, I went from 191 to approximately 50 followers. Yet, I still had about the same number of comments. So, you are my real followers and I appreciate each and everyone of you! 
  • This is my 209th post.
  • I won some really cool things and got to review some great stuff.
  • I injured my right knee; my left foot; my left groin; my right ankle; my right foot; and my left knee. My PT could have put my name on his lease I was practically paying for it at some point (Being in my 50s and corticosteroids may have had something to do with this). Thankfully, the last two injuries did not require PT and I was able to run cautiously through both. Finally, I am currently uninjured doing well!
  • The above led to cross-training so, I started biking and I even got a trainer for winter (BTW, that photo is the only time I ever tried to read on the trainer...I quickly switched to TV).
  • I stopped going to the gym and started strength training at home (hmmmm it's been a while...must get back to it - that may not have been the best move. To be reassessed).
  • I was chosen to be part of a book on first time marathoners.
  • Of course, I learned tons of stuff about running!!
  • Last, but certainly not least, I became a grand-mother :) :)
There is so much more that occurred over the course of writing this much that I gained and learned. Every once in a while I would get an email from someone who was asthmatic or dealing with some other chronic illness, telling me that I inspired them. I remember googling high and low trying to find out if anyone had ever managed to wean off prednisone and I never found anything encouraging. So if I could help even one person believe in their ability to take control of their health, then I've achieved my ultimate goal. 
So this is the end of the beginning. The goal is to keep running for the rest of my life. Running is going well once again and I will be running a 10K with my little sister, my brother, my Super SIL, her brother, his wife...well, you get the picture...on November 5th in Oka. Other goals over the next year include some trail running and the winter Pentathlon in Québec City. Uber H is on sabbatical starting at the end of January and this seems like the perfect year to do this. The winter Pentathlon includes five winter sports and we will do them as a team (Biking; running; cross-country skiing; skating; and snowshoeing). I will do the running and skating (In another life, I used to figure skate :)). There will be other races and there are plans to go to Philadelphia in November 2012 with some members of the "Lacets rouge". 

Therefore, this will be my last post for this blog. I will have it printed into a book, which I will keep as a souvenir of my journey. I will still read your blogs and comment once in a while. Also, I will be on Daily Mile and so if you want to stay in touch, you can always connect with me there. For those of you already on DM, you know that I usually write in French, but I promise to alternate and write some of my training comments in English :) 




Hi! I'm Erin said...

Congrats on reaching the end of your beginning! I will miss your overflowing enthusiasm and bright outlook. See you in the comments section!

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

This post makes me smile, Anne. I've loved following along on your journey, and I wish you all kinds of success going forward. Good luck with the pentathlon, and please, look me up if you do make it down to Philly for 2012!!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Anne - I am sad to see you leaving the blogging community, but understand that maybe it is time to move on. So excited for your new journey with your grandbaby!
I will continue to check you out on daily mile. Sometimes I can "sort of" figure out what you are saying . . . sometimes I type the words in an online translator and really understand.
I have been internally struggling with my blog over the last few months. I "think" I will continue, at least through the winter. It just seems hard to "fit" it iin right now.
Take care - I have REALLY enjoyed reading about your experiences, joys, issues, races, training and family.
Enjoy all the moments!

bobbi said...

I will miss your posts! But I am happy to hear you'll still be on dm. Congrats on making it to the end of the beginning :)

Beth said...

WHAT?! Anne, I'm going to miss you so much! Your smile and persistence has been such an inspiration and your voice is going to be missed. I am truly happy that you accomplished your goals and so much more along your journey. I know that you will continue to inspire and encourage others in the future. Don't be a stranger!

Paul said...


Argh. Sad to hear...keep in touch!

Run well and long!


Alma said...

Congratulations on achieving your goal! I will miss your quotes & posts. Thank you for all your encouragement.
Peace be with you Anne!

Amy said...

Congratulations on the closing of this wonderful chapter in your life and to all the new beginnings on your path ahead! I will miss your positivity here in blogland, but I wish you all the best in the future - and I am sure it will be bright!
Hugs and good wishes from Belgium

Alexandra said...

Thank you for each of your 209 blog posts which were all inspirational and motivational. I always knew where to go when I needed a lift.

You have experienced so much and accomplished lots in your short time here with us in blog world. It has been a pleasure to follow your growth spurt in running.

I wish you much continued success as you expand your horizons. Thank you again Anne, for coming into our lives!

Teamarcia said...

Anne I'll miss you. You're one of my favorites but I totally get the need to move on.
You've come so far in such a short time. All the best to you and yours!

Jamoosh said...

Awwwww! Keep pushing forward and striving to do the best you can. I cannot help but think you have inspired many of your readers in one way or another.

Will said...

Thanks for all your inspirational words. If you ever get the bug to blog again, don't hesitate! All the best with your running and your health!

RockStarTri said...

Anne, the blogosphere is a better place because of you. We'll miss you and hope you'll be back when it is right for you. Best wishes for your continued adventures!


Robin said...

Will miss your blog for sure! All the best with all your upcoming goals and I'm quite sure you will achieve them all. Enjoy the grandbaby as well. All the best, and maybe we'll run into each other on course one day.

Carla said...

Thank you for your thoughtful, inspiring posts. Best to you!

Johann said...

This is one blog that I'm really sad to see going but I'm so happy for you. You achieved so much and I am glad I could be part of your journey. I will definitely stay in touch on DM. I might still come do some race in your area one day. Just one thing: who did you send the flag to? I posted my 209th post today as well. See you on DM!

kilax said...

Goodbye and good luck! We'll miss you!

TX Runner Mom said...

You will be missed Anne! Your journey has been inspiring to follow!

Char said...

I'll miss your posts Anne. Au Revoir!

Jill said...

Oh no...I keep reading through your post and said, "I hope this isn't leading to the end of the blog..." but it did :(. I've loved reading about your journey this past couple years but I know it's a huge drain of time. I wish you only the best and I WILL keep in touch with ya (email is not my forte but I will do it!!). You are nothing but inspirational and so well-loved!!!

Caroline said...

NON!!!!! Je proteste!
Anne! Ma connection virtuelle du Quebec! ca me rend triste cette nouvelle la!
Certainement dans mes blogs preferes!

Certainement une inspiration pour moi de courir un marathon un jour..bientot bientot...

Dont be a stranger!

Ca va me prendre des commentaires en francais sur mon blog de temps en temps ok?

pour les restos a Quebec...
1. pour un bon souper: Le Rabelais.
c'est mon prefere. Le Cavour aussi tres bon.

2. pour un lunch: Brynd sur Maguire. Excellent smoke meat. Belle petite rue aussi. tu seras pres de chez mes parents la!!!

3. dejeuner: Casse Crepes sur St Jean ou Gregoff sur Cartier.

4. pour une petite biere ou cafe en fin de soiree: Le Pub St Alexandre sur St Jean.

5. pour tous les repas, souper moins copieux que #1 mettons..pour un steak frite: Le Cochon Dingue en bas de l'Escalier Casse Cou..pres du boul Champlain!

a ca me rend nostalgique cette liste la!

A bientot ma chere Anne!

ajh said...

I"m sad but if this is what works for you that is great. I don't read Daily Mile but I do have your email. I still hope to meet you at a race sometime.

Good luck as you continue your journey and enjoy that grand baby!

Black Knight said...

No.... why? I will miss your posts.
I hope you will come back to share your thoughts with us. It is like a marathon, at the end we say "no more" but some days later we are already planning the next one.
Good luck.

.....and please remember....the Black Knight Army needs you!!!!

Giorgio said...

It's a real pity that we'll miss you, Anne! Congrats for reaching your goals!

Meg said...

I'm with Jill. This was sounding like a goodbye. I'm a little sad because I'll miss your quotes but I did love this post and I'm excited for you and proud of all you have accomplished. Congrats!

Claude said...

Bravo ma soeur, tu es allée au bout de ce rêve. Quel bel exemple d'accomplissement personnel. Je sais que tu n'as pas fini d'écrire et que ce blog n'était qu'un début dans le monde de l'écriture. À quand ton premier livre? Je t'aime et te félicite.

Anne said...

What a graceful exit, Anne. I've enjoyed being among your followers. And, of course, I look forward to continuing to do so at DailyMile.

Darlene said...

I'll miss reading your blog - you've accomplished so much - what an inspiration for a fellow 50 something.

trailmomma said...

Wow amazing. You have accomplished so much!! Congrats!! I love the photos too!!

Marlene said...

Anne, sorry to have missed this post last week! I took a few days off blogging and never quite caught up.

Sad to see you stop posting, but every journey has its end! It has been a pleasure following along and seeing you grow as an athlete, learning so much along the way and facing your challenges with your head up and inspiring positivity.

Of course I loved meeting you last year and hope our paths cross at another race one day soon.

All the best to you, see you on DM where I will try my best to understand your training log with my broken rusty french. :)

Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

So sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed following you journey. Hopefully we will cross paths again!

Molly said...

Good Luck Anne! You've had an incredible journey!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on all your acheivements. You definitely insipred me to keep running when I wanted to give up. We both know all too well how difficult it is to run with asthma and I wish you the best of luck with your future goals :).

Irene said...

I am so happy for all of your accomplishments! You have come so far! I am sad, though, that this blog will come to an end. I really enjoyed getting to know you, and I hope that our paths will cross someday.

Gaspegirl said...

As you know you were one of the ladies who inspired me to give running a try. I really wish that la belle province was smaller so we may have been able to run together. I am not off running forever, as a matter of fact I plan on giving it a try again next year... after P90x and P90x2. Perhaps I will run in Fl in March to keep up with my training. In any case, it all started in part by your posts. I will miss your updates and motivation.



Melinda said...

Your story will continue to inspire! Thanks for sharing....

cough said...

This "asthma" posting, completely useful..

Andrew Opala said...

Dudette! You will always be awesome and someone I wannabe!

melianna said...

AH! i was born in quebec! LOVE THIS PLACE!