Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Musings - bullet style

"The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain."
Kahlil Gibran

  • Monday: I did start prednisone...only two more days to go! Lungs are gradually feeling better and better.
  • Tuesday: Climbed Mont St-Hilaire with a girlfriend in the morning and then we spent the afternoon at Spa St-Hilaire. Absolutely wonderful day!
  • Wednesday: 8.1km run with intervals...felt really good.
  • Thursday: wu on tm and then some plyo-strength-ab workout. I felt tired and was thinking that I need to start eating more snacks.
  • Friday: 11km run in the pouring rain (included two longer intervals). I was soaking least it wasn't cold out. I actually don't mind the rain so much, but I felt quite heavy by the time I was done. My clothes were hanging on me. Overall, felt really good.
  • Sunday: 11.5km run at LSD pace using a 10:1 ratio. Stomach issues and very tired (had barely slept the night before)...YET, I still felt strong and happy to be out there. 
My running has been going so well the last few weeks. I am feeling strong and truly enjoying myself and looking forward to getting out there. Here are a few things I really love about my new training program:
  • Running by time instead of km's allows me to plan ahead better.
  • Not having a specific number of km's to run stresses me less and allows me to focus on the suggested pace. Which means I'm not constantly trying to push it in, but allowing my body to enjoy getting into a nice rhythm. 
  • Running by time also means that the long runs are not going to be as long as they were with my previous program. This may actually be better for me. We'll see.
  • Both of my runs during the week include intervals. One has speedier intervals, the second has marathon race pace intervals. They are well spaced and I feel strong doing them.
  • This program includes four runs a week...and I only do three. However I do at least two sessions of cross-training. This seems to be working really well for me...and I like the idea of regularly going for a bike ride or a trek on the mountain.
My program includes a half-marathon distance in two weeks. As mentioned, if all goes well during that 21.1k, I will register for the Montreal Marathon, which occurs on September 25th. 

Congrats to everyone who ran the Seattle Rock 'n Roll!


Gaspegirl said...

So happy to hear that you are feeling better Anne. I love running by timed intervals... although I do not know any other method :P I also love running in a misty rain... it keeps me cool because I normally get pretty hot and sweaty.

Make it a great day!

Teamarcia said...

Glad your lungs are feeling better! How great you are so happy and doing so well on your training plan. I'm not so sure I can stick with mine....really struggling.

Matthew Bradford said...


Just got your comment today in the "awaiting moderation" section.

Thank you so much for checking in. Your banner image is AWESOME. Your plan sounds sweet. So happy that your running is rocking.

Your support throughout my blogging life has meant a ton, thank you!

Be good,

Matt B.

Marlene said...

What a great week!!! So glad things are going well with your training. Keep it up!

Mmm, snacks!

ajh said...

The hike and spa sound pretty terrific. Continue to feel better.

Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

Glad your lungs are feeling better and you are feeling stronger in your runs.....I have a feeling you will be signing up for Montreal :)

Caroline said...

c super que les petits poumons sont mieux..
je dois prendre de la foutue prednisone cette semaine aussi..surement moi que c'est mes suis completement bouchee...dur de respirer...j'evite la pred le plus possible mais la c trop...

Caroline said...

merci pour le commentaire!!!
c vrai que je fais cette erreur souvent!!! et pis non ca ne m'insulte pas du tout!!! :)

Char said...

It's good to hear you're getting your asthma back under control. No wonder your running is feeling good. And it doesn't matter if you're only getting 3 out of the 4 runs done - you're doing plenty anyway and it's good to cross-train.

Amy said...

So glad to hear your running is going well! I enjoy doing workouts by time as well - definitely less stress which means it is way more enjoyable.

TX Runner Mom said...

Yay for healthy lungs! Looks like you are doing great with your running!!!

Cinthia said...

Go Anne!
Looks like there might be marathon soon, eh?
And it sounds as if your lungs are growing strong--hooray!
Cheers and happy running,

Xaarlin said...

What an awesome week! Ive been living vicariously through everyone's blogs during my injury to stay motivated. Your past week kicked butt!

Thank you for your encouragement. It really has meant a lot during these difficult injury laden weeks ;)

Johann said...

Great to hear your running and training is going so well. I think you'll do great at the half. Keep it going!

Jill said...

Woohoo, so glad to hear your running is going great and you are ready to tackle the half. YES!!! Keep it going, girl...this made my day!!! YAY!

Black Knight said...

Glad that the things go better.
I think that a cross program is more important than one missed weekly run. This is my strategy too.
On the contrary I don't like to calculate the time instead of the km; it is an incentive to run faster.
Have a good week end.

wendy said...

Glad to hear your lungs are feeling better! It sounds like you had a nice week. I am actually running by time right now as well!