Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here we go again!

"I've been unfortunate enough to be working, and recovering from a few injuries now and again."
Jason Statham

Is this a typical pattern for newbie runners? First, runners knee followed by a foot injury and now, drum roll please...feels like piriformis syndrome! I've always had pain, on and off back there beneath the left butt cheek, but it never lasted. When I went to Niagara Falls, I got a free massage, and the student told me my piriformis muscle was extremely tight and probably causing what felt like sciatica. But, I did my half-marathon and I was fine, no pain. THEN, last Sunday, the plan was to do 10K. Beautiful weather, I'm feeling good...let's do it! By the time I was almost at 9K, I was seriously cramping up on the above mentioned butt cheek and actually ended up having to walk. It felt like someone had creeped up behind me and started squeezing my sciatica nerve...ouch!

Tuesday, I decided to bike instead of was absolutely beautiful outside and I could have enjoyed a nice outdoor bike ride. Sigh...why did I put my bike on the training so soon? See, once the bike is on the trainer, and you've changed the back tire for the special indoor tire, then you can't take it out again. I have so much to learn! Next year, the back tire only gets changed when there is significant snow on the ground. Anyway! The point of this was to say that I biked instead of ran.

Also, I rolled and stretched and iced...and yesterday, we went for a short 4K. It went fine, the pain was definitely bearable and not constant and I rolled again when I got home. BUT, then that night, as I'm laying in bed, totally not running, I felt mild pain, like I have a bruise or something. This lasted all night and had happened last Sunday evening too.

There you have it, the latest on the list of Anne's injuries. Anyone else dealing with Piriformis Syndrome? I'm going to make an appointment to see my PT, Joseph the magician, next week...hope he can make this go away too!

On a more positive note, NOT! I'm now back on prednisone...interestingly, my lung capacity remains pretty good even when the inflammation is through the roof. This means that my quality of life is not affected as it once was when the inflammation set in. It is what it least I can still do what I enjoy most..."Live, Laugh, Run" :)

Lately, I'm thinking of taking a blogbattical (after I've done my promised review and video of the jumps I do with the aerobic step :)). Life has been busy and wonderful, but leaves me with little time for a cyberlife. Of course, there is no way I can just go away and not know what is going on with my bloggy friends. However, if I go by Marcia's definition of her runbattical, which includes its fair share of running, I can be on a blogbattical and still check in once in a while. You'll also hear from me whenever something exciting happens in my life and just must be shared. The main thing is, I'll be unplugged much more often and even when I read, I will mostly not be commenting. Chances are, I'll be back in full force as summer approaches along with my marathon date (May 29th)! :)

Happy running to all!


Kate said...

I hope you get that all taken care of! It's frustrating being hurt
When you want to be running.

When your real life is so full and enjoyable that it crowds out cyber life...well, that's the best reason, isn't it? :)

racing dawn said...

You have had more than your fair share of injuries! Dangit. Hope the PT helps!

Enjoy your blogbattical. We'll miss seeing you around - but I'll keep my eye out in the spring! Good luck with all your training!

*way cute pic! love the tee!

Giorgio said...

As you wrote, the main thing is that your real life is busy, wonderful and sometimes exciting :)

What kind of supper is there in the photo? it seems the French "Soupe à l'oignon".

Hope you have a beautiful weekend Anne!

Johann said...

I've never had Piriformis Syndrome and I'm not sure what the treatment is. Just take it easy. Gradually buildup distance and don't worry about speed at all. That's my stay injury free advice. Hope your weekend is good!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Well, hunh! I just found you, and you're taking a blogbattical!!! Was up widat? :) :) Hope you get to feeling better with your Piriformis. Taking some time off would probably do the trick...though it would suck!


Char said...

At least you're never boring with your injuries and you generously share them around your body. Hope this settles soon.

Teamarcia said...

Oh no not piriformis! You described everything I've been dealing with. In addition to all the pigeon stuff I've blathered about you may wanna thing about strengthening your glutes. That's where I'm at with it anyway. I use my stretchy cord and go wild side stepping.
Why the pred. again?? I'm bummed for you but confident you'll overcome as always.
Haha to the blogbattical! It's a tough season to be prolific in cyberspace isn't it?

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Hope you are able to get you piriformis relaxed. Make sure to stretch and use a foam roller. I have to be careful because it is always way to easy to skip stretching after a run. I am usually in a hurry and I would rather run longer and skip the stretching BUT I know that at my age it just might be one of the most important things to do so that I can stay healthy.

Take care of yourself. I hope you are able to get some good running in this winter - hoping that the weather cooperates.

I look forward to your return. I feel like I have found a good friend in you - but understand taking a break!

Have a good 2011!

ajh said...

I haven't even read your whole post yet and I am responding. The two injuries I have had are PF (present) and piriformis which I had several years ago. I have exercises I do and have kept it at bay for years now. One easy one is to sit on a tennis ball and roll around on it. I have some I do using a chair, I sit on a cushion in the car - always when driving that keeps me higher up in the back slanted toward the front. It took 1 PT and 2 chiros to get me on the right track. The chiro that uses ART got me "cured." I still do the exercises he gave me. It used to be so I couldn't even sit in the car or anywhere for any length of time. Take care of it and get rid of it!
I will miss you as you are one of my very favorite bloggers who I always read and look forward to!!! But if you need a break take it!!! Keep healthy!

Julie said...

I am sorry about the pain in the butt cheek injury Anne! Please take care of yourself and stay healthy! I totally understand how hard it is to be fully devoted to does get busy at times and it can be a challenge to balance everything. I will miss you but will be looking for your posts. I love your blog! Hugs and love:)

Molly said...

Hope Joseph can take care of the latest aches and pains! Sending you good your pigtails!

LMC said...

Darn! Sorry to hear about another injury for you and being back on pred. So not fair! But, you can definitely overcome both!! You are strong and willing to work hard. That will pay off!! Hopefully, your PT will help with the piriformis. We'll miss you here in bloggyland, but I totally understand that other demands need our attention too. Good luck and take care of yourself!!

Pat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about you having to go back on the prednisone and the injury. hope it doesn't take long to tame the inflammation and you can get back off that nasty (but necessary) medication. I'm sure Joseph's magic will take care of the pirformis pain. I certainly understand about life getting so busy and having to cut back on something. You've always been one of my most favorite bloggers and an inspiration. I'll miss your posts but will look forward to when you return. Happy holidays!

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your injury, sounds like you've been having bad luck lately with running injuries. Hope you enjoy having a blog rest, I'll miss reading your posts though! It's hard to keep up with everything isn't it, I can't spend as much time as I'd like on my blog either :-(

Marlene said...

Oh no, sorry to hear that you seem to be dealing with another injury. I hope it is nothing too serious and that some PT will help.

Definitely keep in touch if you decide to steo back a bit from the blogging.

Anne said...

I was going to recommend the tennis ball roll too. Worked for my piriformis issue years ago and much less expensive than the physical therapy I endured for it prior.

Usually when you have that string of injuries it means you are either bumping up the mileage more quickly than your body can absorb it and/or you have biomechanical issues and may need a different type of shoe or orthodics to fix an imbalance.

Good luck with the PT!

Iron Mike said...

Shame that you've found a black cloud and it has brought you a literal pain in the ass. Sounds like early onset though, so you'll be fine with such prompt treatment.
As for the bike, I'd think that if you have muscle (or $8) to spare, you could just swap that road tire back on there. Honestly, the skill is useful for those unfortunate times when you do get a flat.
And as far as the blogging goes, ya know, just keep living life!

Black Knight said...

Take care and get well soon. I will miss your post but I hope you come back soon to the blogsphere. You know THE BLACK KNIGHT ARMY NEEDS YOU!

Nitmos said...

Knock on wood...I've never had a serious injury so I wish you the best. Enjoy your 'battical' in whatever form it takes!

kilax said...

Ouch! I hope your PT can help!

Sorry you are back on prednisone :(

Enjoy the blogbatical!

mommaof3ontherun said...

I'm so glad you have a PT you trust! I will miss any blogbatical you take! Keep up the good spirits!

Matty B. said...

Completely understand about the blogbattical; it's well-deserved and I've been wanting to be offline as much as possible when I'm at home lately.

I'm sorry that you've needed to go back to the medication, I know that's not preferred.

Hope you're doing well and sorry that I've been out of touch.

Janine said...

Anne ton bébé te tient occupée, tu n'as plus le temps d' écrire sur ton m'inquiète

Wifey said...

Sorry your in pain. Take care of yourself and enjoy your blogbattical.

Winks & Smiles,

Irene said...

Ouch! I've never had that particular pain, but it's a pain, nonetheless... I hope your PT is able to help you! Take care.