Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hiking in the Adirondacks...and some running!

"Doubly happy, however, is the man to whom lofty mountain tops are within reach." 
John Muir
Today's post is mostly with vacation/hiking pictures.

Day 1: Top of Rocky Falls
The water was so clear and refreshing.

Day 2: Hiking up Cascade Mountain
Lots and lots of rocks.

Cascade Mountain Summit
It was a tough climb, but the rewarding view was extremely rewarding!
We even had a view of the Green Mountains and so I waved to ajh.
I may not have been showing the right mountains, but I thought of you :)

1 mile later, we had crossed over to the summit of Mount Porter.

A refreshing soak in Chapel Pond after over 4 hours of hiking.
There are so many beautiful places to experience in the Adirondacks!

Day 3: Exploring Whiteface Mountain - which we climbed by car.
After lunch in the Castle Café, we headed back home. It was only three days, but it was wonderful!

After a grand total of about seven hours of hiking between Tuesday and Thursday, Friday morning, I was up at 6am for my long run with my Super SIL. We had a "short" 16km long run as this is a recovery week. It's interesting that the more often we run together, the more we seem to have to talk about. I've noticed this phenomenon before with girlfriends. She's more up-to-date on what's happening in my life, and vice-versa. Therefore, conversation topics are easier to find as we catch each other up without having to start at the beginning. It's this having to start at the beginning that sometimes makes us avoid certain topics, as its more difficult to catch up in less than two hours, if it's been a while since we got together. I may have mentioned this before, but I'm really enjoying having a partner on my long runs :)



Char said...

Beautiful scenery in your photos. What a great way to spend a holiday.

I've also noticed that phenomenon with women. The more time I spend with my friends the more I have to ask about. And not just about my friend's life - I also get to hear about friends of friends that I haven't ever met but feel like I have.

ajh said...

Did you see me wave back? Sounds like a great trip.

Kate Geisen said...

What a wonderful trip! I want to go!!

Like your running partner, Facebook seems to operate that way for me with friends. We know a lot of the ins and outs of each others' lives, so it's not a fresh start.

Johann said...

What a beautiful place to hike! I love hiking and then getting into refreshing pools or streams. Glad the running is going so well! Have a great week!

Robin said...

Looks absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy.

Marvin Dittfurth said...

Beautiful photos..aren't you glad you are physically able to fully experience that?

Marvin Dittfurth said...

Beautiful photos..aren't you glad you are physically able to fully experience that?

Caroline said...

Wow quelles belles photos!
Tu as l'air en grande forme!

Black Knight said...

Beautiful places to visit and ... to hike.
Great photos!

Susan Yoga said...
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