Sunday, January 13, 2013

Warrior Week! :)

"The two worst strategic mistakes to make are acting prematurely and letting an opportunity slip; to avoid this, the warrior treats each situation as if it were unique and never resorts to formulae, recipes or other people's opinions." Paulo Coelho

I wonder if following a training program is considered a formula or a recipe or someone else's opinion :) ...probably, but giving it my own touch makes is a little bit original...right? Okay, so let's just say I had a Warrior week!

Tuesday's short run was switched to snowshoeing - the snow was deeper and so I mostly walked those 5K, but it was a good workout. Then Wednesday was a 60 minute run that included 20 minutes at race pace (had to do that on the TM). Then Thursday I ran 70 minutes easy (outside). So far, so good, but on top of last Sunday's 20K, my legs were feeling heavier.

Friday was a beautiful day and we still had snow, so instead of a short run I went CCskiing with a girlfriend on Mont St. Bruno. Not super flat, but we stuck to the easy trails. It was my first time back after about three years. The distance was difficult to figure out, but it looks like we did about 7km.

Having a blast!

However, I got up Saturday morning and I wasn't feeling well, I'd been fighting a cold for a few days and it seemed to have won. Plus some groin pain from the skiing...bla bla bla. The reasons for not doing my run and strides were good and plenty. My mind was having a field day, "It's okay to miss one run", "Maybe I can just do a short run", "I can just stop if it's too much", "Maybe I can just do four strides", "Well, I can cut back on the cool down", OMG the chatter going on in my mind, and all that time, my body got out there and did all eight 100m strides, as well as the whole 50 minutes! I felt like a freaking warrior for getting it done.

THEN, today was an 18km long run, and believe it or not, it was RAINING with weather in the low 40's (warm for this time of year in Qu├ębec). Shut the brain off, get dressed in a way that I hope will keep me relatively dry-ish and head out. Two hours later, I'm done, I'm soaked through and through and I'm smiling! Warrior Week! :)

Next week I have two rest days on the program - I guess even Warriors need rest days once in a while ;)



Kate Geisen said...

You are rocking this training!! I was just saying how I'd love to learn to xc ski. Not the same opportunity here as where you are!

Have a great week, Anne! :)

Char said...

I love that you gave yourself every out you could think of with your Saturday run but you still did the whole thing. That's the mentality of a warrior!

Johann said...

That is a great week indeed! You are a real warrior! I hope I get a chance to ski one day. Your weather makes me realise why I have no weather related excuses not go out and run. Keep it going Anne!

Robin said...

Sounds like you incorporated some fun stuff into your training!

ajh said...

I need to get my cross country skis back out. I was just talking about that. Looks like you had some fun workouts.

Jill said...

XC skiing is a really a tough workout - yikers! I salute your toughness, you are always such an inspiration! :)

Anne said...

I love that quote! I always viewed training programs as guidelines, not edicts. And I'm jealous that you can just head out the door and go XC skiing.

Caroline said...

ah du ski de fond! je m'ennuie de ca!!! quelle belle photo! fait chaud pour l'hiver...ici c froid..-2 Celcius Samedi matin pour mon 10k!!

Two Wordy said...

Cheers, fellow Viking! Great work outs! Sorry the flu bug got you (DM). Rest for a few days and feel better quickly. You're doing such a wonderful job getting in shape that a few days or a week of rest and recovery won't hurt your progression. Kudos!!